AC 220V 12,24V Digital Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Board For 8-12 Inch Speaker


  • Support reading MP3 songs in TF card and U disk
  • Support independent adjustment of treble, bass and master volume
  • Working Voltage: AC 220V or DC 12~24V
  • With AUX audio input, can be connected to the computer, mobile phone, or CD
  • Digital power amplifier, peak power 400W, can drive 4Ohm 100 magnetic speakers
  • Dual microphone input, adjustable reverb; built-in Bluetooth wireless Receiver and FM radio
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How to Connect to Bluetooth

Press the “MODE” button to switch the machine to Bluetooth status, open the mobile phone Bluetooth, search for the Bluetooth device with the mobile phone, search for the product and click the Bluetooth name of the product to connect. After the connection is completed, you can receive the music played on the mobile phone.


Some mobile phones will prompt you to enter the PIX code. You can enter “0000” at this time (if the phone supports the easy pairing function, you do not need to enter the PIN)


Radio function operation instructions:

1. Hang up the radio antenna

2. Press the MODE button to switch to the radio state;

3. Press the play button to search the entire channel and automatically save the station;

4, press the previous or next track to switch to the next or next station


The radio effect is not ideal, mainly for the radio, please buy a professional radio.


Power Wiring Instructions (Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary damage)

1. The panel DC12V/24V interface can be connected to DC 12V or DC 24V, and the current requirement is more than 3A (available battery or power adapter);

2, panel AC 100-240V interface can be connected to AC100V-240V AC power with 8 word power cable (not touch the circuit board after power on, so as to avoid electric shock).



The above power-on methods can be connected in any way, and cannot be accessed at the same time.


Wiring instructions

1. Connect the subwoofer: connect a speaker with about 100 magnets or a speaker with about 100W

2, Connected to the tweeter: can be connected to 30W tweeter (It can also be disconnected) (Add a capacitor when the tweeter is connected)

3. Suitable for 8-12 inch speakers.



Please turn off the small master volume before power-on test. Then increase the volume slowly after power-on. If the sound is intermittent or the sound is hoarse and distorted during the process of increasing the volume, the speaker and the amplifier are not matched. Please use the small sound or change the package. The speaker is used.


Package includes

1 x AC 220V 12v 24v Digital Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Board
1 x Remote control
2 x Audio Cable
1 x DC Power supply cable

Notice: Because of national delivery regulation, the battery of remote will not include for some country, please prepare yourself, thanks.

  • Certification: None
  • Maximum Power Per Channel: 101-130W