American Express The Centurion Black Card J.P. Morgan Silver Card with Box Customize Card Information


  • Your own customize card
  • Stainless steel metal
  • IC chip and magnetic stripe
  • With wallet and box
  • Good for gift
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The card is for entertainment only and has no practical purpose.
When you place an order, please provide us with the customized content information of the card, otherwise we will not be able to make it. Resulting in overtime delivery, and the platform will automatically close the order.

Disclaimer, this is a Collectors Novelty Item.
This is NOT a debit card, NOT a credit card and NOT a pre pay card.
This card is not activated or link to any service.
This is a none working Collectors Item only.

This is just a collector metal card.
You can customize Card Number, Valid thru (expire date), Member since, card holder name, VVC code .

Please leave us a message about your requirements.
We do not accept returns since it’s all customised, your understanding is highly appreciated.
If you have any further question, please write to us.

To order A, B, C, D card, please provide 6 items of customized content information
1) 15-digit long: ( xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx )
2) Valid Thru: xx / xx
3) cardholder name (No more than 26 letters, including Spaces)
4) CID (card Id card number 4 digits)
5) Member Since (starting Year: two digits)
6) CCV (3 digits)

To order J.P. Morgan card, please provide 5 items of customized content information
1) Card number, 16 digital (xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx)
2) Member Since
3) Validity period (month/year)
4) Cardholder’s Name
5) CCV code (3 digits)

Q: Is this a real chip?
A: No, this is just a decorative chip, this chip has no function.

Q: Does this card have a working magnetic strip/swipe?
A: this is a HiCo magnetic stripe. You need to program the magnetic stripe to use it.

Q: What’s the difference between a card and c card?
A:Since all the photos are taken by mobile phones, it may not be obvious that there is much difference between the photos, but the reality is that there is a big difference between them.
The a card uses a new technology, and the frosted surface texture is more delicate, and the lace and head portrait are also different.
Secondly, the card number on the back is convex effect.
A card is close to the real card effect. You get what you pay for. 🙂

Q: What is the size and weight of the card? What is the size and weight of the card?
A Card size: 85.5*54*0.8mm, weight about 19.8 grams
B card size: 85.5*54*0.6mm, weight about 21.5 grams
C card size: 85.5*54*0.8mm, weight around 28.5g
There will be a little deviation between the size and weight of the card.

Q: Can you add special characters?
A: Cannot

Q: What is this card made of?
A: The main base material of the card is stainless steel metal.

Q: How does these info appear on card?
A: The information on the card is made with laser and other techniques.



Order A or B card and get A free wallet.



Order A or B card and get A free wallet.








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A card, B card, C card, D card, JP card

Shipping time

7-10 days


Stainless steel

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