Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink 5.1 SPDIF For DVD Blu-ray CD Soundbar Speaker


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Name: Metal Digital Optical Audio Cable
Color: gold
Length: 1/1.5/2/3/5/10 (m)
Wire material: outer diameter OD2.2mm
Core material: optical fiber
Wire material: aluminum alloy
Interface technology: gold plating
1. High-precision concentrating fiber lens technology, which makes the beam highly focused, greatly reduces the reflection of the beam on the inner wall, completely ensures the lossless transmission of the optical signal, makes the sound quality clear and transparent, restores the sound quality, and maintains the signal integrity.
2. Pop-up plug is very convenient for accurate alignment of optical signals and successful transmission of large data volume
3. Super heavy-duty plug, close to the fiber interface, and also very easy to plug and unplug
4. Broadband transmission performance with high speed, high fidelity and low loss
5. Long service life, very suitable for decoration dark lines
6. The body is soft and flexible.
Product Usage:
Audio fiber optic cable is a must-have cable for multi-channel (5.1, 6.1, and 7.1) Dolby AC-3/DTS decoding for various short-range signal transmission, communication, and audio equipment with fiber optic digital terminals Connections such as amplifiers, DVD players, VCRs, CD players, MD, AMP, PLAYER, mini discs, digital to analog converters and satellite receivers and optoelectronic devices, switches, 1394 cards, fiber optic sound cards, cable set-top boxes, digital cameras, Copiers, printers, printing equipment, light sensors and industrial equipment, automotive, medical equipment and power systems
1. Remove the dust caps on both ends of the fiber optic cable plug and plug in the fiber optic connectors (OPT OUT, OPT IN) of each device.
2. Do not bend the fiber optic cable to an angle of less than 50 degrees to avoid damage to the fiber core.
3. Before use, remove the dust cap on the fiber plug and keep the fiber plug clean.
4. The fiber plug has directionality. When using it, please make sure that the plug and the socket are in the same direction before inserting into the socket.
Digital Fiber Audio Cable *1

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OD2.2, OD5.0


1.5m, 10m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m


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Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink 5.1 SPDIF