Lichee Pi Zero Allwinner V3S ARM Cortex-A7 Core CPU Linux Development Board IoT


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Lichee Zero is a V3s (ARM Cortex -A7 core) high-performance CPU based on Allwinner Technology.


The design of the development board is small and exquisite, all the resources of the chip are extracted, onboard USB, Flash, TF card, 40PLCD interface, etc., and all the resources are exported, which is convenient for developers to expand their use.






Product parameters:
The V3s chip on the Lichee Zero development board is very powerful. The chip has a built-in 64MB DDR, with SDIO, SPI, UART, Ethernet, MIPI CSI., Speaker., Mic and other interfaces, and supports 8 ~ 32MB SPI Nor Flash or 128MB Nand Flash ; Appears in audio and video processing, supports 1080P video output, and supports H.264, MJPEG and other high-definition format decoding.


In order to meet the needs of developers, the development board is designed on the basis of Lichee core board, and rich peripherals are added to make development more convenient. Users can choose our core board or development board according to their actual needs


Application scenario:
Lichee Zero is a high-performance open source hardware that supports multiple operating systems, and is loved by geeks, software engineers, and electronic DY enthusiasts; it is also widely used in commercial applications, especially in the context of more complex protocol communications, or Need logically complex human-computer interaction interface, Licheenano can show their talents



Lichee zero development board parameters:


Basic parameters of V3s chip:


1.Core: ARM Cortex -a7 core @ 1.2ghz


2.DDR2: Built-in 64M


3. sdio * 2 can be matched with supporting SDIO WiFi + BT module


4.Speaker * 2 + mic * 1, can be equipped with speakers and microphone


5. SPl * 1


6, 12C * 2


7. ARt * 3


8. OTG USB * 1


9, 100MEther x 1 (including ehy)


10.Video processing: Support 1080P @ 60fps


                                H.264 decoding


                                MPEG to 1080PH.264 re-decoding



Development board parameters:


1.Dimension: 44.57mm * 25.53mm


2. Power supply interface Micro USB, 2.54mm pin, 1.27mm stamp hole power supply (3.3 ~ 5V)


3. Lead out: 1.27mm stamp hole pin interface, lead out all resources of the chip


4. Support multiple systems: Bare metal


                                            Mainline Linux


                                            RT-Thread RTOS


                                            Camdroid OS


9 10 11



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5 resistive screen, LicheePi Zero, wifi BT module, zero expansion board, zero full package




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V3S ARM Cortex-A7 Core