Multi Screen Portable Laptop Stand Mount Clip Connects Tablet Bracket Holder


  • Made of high-strength engineering soft plastic, firm and flexible.
  • Dual grip units, supply strong grip ability.
  • Angled slightly keeps the screen continuity.
  • A hole for you to connect the power cable when you use the iPad.
  • Provides six kinds of sizes to choose.
  • Lightweight design, easy to carry.

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Laptop Stand Mount Clip

You can use your tablets as a second or third display with this side mount clip.

This clip can clamp tablet or cell phone to laptop to extend your screen and get a multi-display experience.

It is a must-have for those who need multitasking at the home, office or on the go to increase your productivity.

Premium materials and expert design, monitor mount clip is made of high-strength engineering soft plastic, firm and flexible, protect your devices from scratching.

Dual grip units, supply strong grip ability.

The monitor mount is even angled slightly to curve the two monitors around you.

Let you enjoy the comfortable vision and experience screen continuity.

An all-new charge cord pass-through hides your charging cord behind the laptop screen, you can charge them anytime, anywhere while using multiple devices.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to tuck away into any pocket or bag, small but powerful, you can take it anywhere.

Support multiple screens such as tablets, portable monitors, mobile phones, etc.

Perfect for video calls, students, travelers, in the office, analysts, and others.

The non-slip rubber mat provided six kinds of sizes, you can choose the suitable size according to your screen thickness.

It can hold tablets or smartphones whose thickness is between 3mm to 8mm.


Note: Please use it for the screens which with frames. For protecting your screen, we suggest that this Laptop clip must be clipped on the frame, not the screen.


Size of rubber mat: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm

Clip size: 4.5×2.5×0.9 inch

Material: plastic

Maximum weight limit: 500g

Screen thickness support: 3mm to 8mm