Palm Rejection Tilt sensitivity Active Stylus Pen for iPad Air Pro


  • High Precis
  • Continuous, No lag
  • Palm Rejection & Sensitivity Tilt technology
  • Auto-Sleep function
  • Magnetic Charging

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For Apple Pencil 2 with Palm Rejection Tilt sensitivity Active Stylus Pen

Features Palm Rejection & Sensitivity Tilt technology that does not require wearing a glove. The Capacitive stylus feels as smooth and natural as writing on paper, with no delay, giving you a comfortable feeling when writing and drawing.

Automatic connection: No need to pair by Bluetooth or using proprietary apps. Tap the touch the cap of the stylus pens touch to turn it on/off. You can start writing anytime, anywhere

Hidden magnetic charging
Using magnetic charging does not affect the appearance effect.
1 hour Charging time
8 hours Continuous use
90 days Standby

If all the software and strokes you use do not have the function of tilt size, you cannot use the tilt function.

① Tilt sensitivity Technology
② With Palm Rejection
③ New upgrade, low latency

The same function, lower price.
More powerful compatibility, Finer nib Longer service life

(Most pencils cannot be installed with a large-capacity battery due to their small size, and they can usually only be used for 8-10 hours. Please pay attention to false advertising)

The advantages of this stylus:

Why our stylus compares with Apple pencil 2:
Because: We are all one-piece molding, and the materials is plastic.

Why do we use plastic materials:
Because: plastic is an environmentally friendly material, plastic is very difficult in the mold forming process, plastic will not leak electricity during charging, and plastic will not be cold in winter.

What materials do other brands use?
100% of other brands use aluminum alloy, this process does not require the use of molds, and the metal tube manufacturing process is very simple

What are our advantages in terms of appearance?
We have a 1:1 ratio with Apple Pencil 2, and we can’t see the charging port. The stylus is top magnetic charging; other brands use Type-C port to charge. The way directly affects the beauty of the appearance of the stylus.

In terms of functionality, what are our advantages?
We use the Apple Pencil chip, so this stylus is similar to the Apple Pencil in terms of function, we are with palm rejection and tilt sensitivity, precision, new upgrade, low latency, etc.

Why did we make a close-up of the nib?
The manufacturing process of our nib and Apple Pencil nib is the same. The retractable metal antenna and plastic inside our nib are injections molded in the mold at the same time. It belongs to the high-precision manufacturing process. The nibs of other brands cannot be compared with ours. Not at the same level at all.


Product List:
Pencil * 1
Original nib * 1
Instruction Manual * 1
Pencil case * 1
Magnetic charging cable * 1


  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Certification: UL
  • Application Screen: Capacitive Screen
  • Application Brands: For Apple
  • Length: 6.5inch
  • Material: Plastic
  • Apple Pencil: Apple pen
  • iPad pen: iPad stylus
  • Pen iPad: Stylus pen
  • Stylus pencil: iPad pen
  • stylus for touch screens: capacitive stylus pen