USB 3.1 Type-C to M.2 NVME PCIe M-Key SSD, M.2 NGFF SATA SSD Enclosure Case Box


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M.2 NVME PCIE SSD Case Descriptions:

USB3.1 Type-C to M.2 M Key NVMe SSD Box.
Supports 22*42mm, 22*60mm, 22*80mm NVMe solid state hard disks (SSD hard disks excluded).
Support for PCI-E-based NVMe SSD.
Support for M Key NVMe SSD.
Supporting data transmission up to 10Gbps.
Support Plug and Play and Heat Exchange.
Easy to use without driving.

Application : for 3D Game, 4K video ,HIFI Music, RAM Picture ect.

Colour: Black, Silver (optional)
Material: Aluminum alloy
Transmission rate: 10Gbps
Transport interface: USB 3.1 Type-C
Compatible operating system: for Windows 98/Se/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/for MAC OS 8.6 or latest version
Dimension: about 100 x 31 x 9 mm/3.93×1.22×0.35”

NVMe Supriority:
up theperformance
decrease delay
decrease power dissipation
IPOS of SSD will increase

Warm Tips:
Only hard disk boxes, SSD hard disks are not included.
Only NVMe PCI-E M.2 M-Key SSD is supported. (B-Key M.2 SSD based on SATA and PCI-E M.2 SSD based on AHCI are not supported)

Package include

1 x USB 3.1 Type-C NVME SSD Enclosure
1 x Type-C Cable(Type-A to Type-C cable or Type-C to Type-C cable)

1 x Screwdriver







M.2 NGFF SATA signal SSD Case Descriptions:

M.2 NGFF to USB3.1 can transfer the solid state hard disk of the M.2 NGFF interface to the mobile hard disk of the usb3.1 interface, and use the type-C data cable connection.

The edge is smooth, comfortable to touch.
Aluminum alloy stamping molding and sand jet oxidation process.
Sturdy, good heat dissipation, easy to carry.
USB 3.1 theory transmission speed 
High quality PCB board, fine SMT patch technology.
Support 2230/2242/2260/2280 four kinds of interface M.2 NGFF SATA base solid state hard disk.
High speed transmission, comprehensive compatibility, automatic recognition.
The LED indicator prompts the USB working state.
Standard M.2 NGFF interface,support (B+M Key) SSD and B key SSD
Free drive installation, support Windows whole series system and MAC system.
Using the unique voltage stabilizer chip technology to protect the hard disk running more smoothly and reliably.

Color: Black,Sliver
Material: Aluminum alloy shell +PCB plate
Support capacity: 1TB
Product size: approx 100*31*9mm 
Transmission interface: USB3.1
Transmission speed: 6GBPS (determined by computer hardware and other environments)
Application system: support Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/win8/win10/Mac OS 8.6 or the latest version

Package include

1 x M.2 NGFF to USB-C Hard Disk Enclosure Case
1 x Data Cable

1 x Screwdriver



Dual signal M2 SSD Case

Dual Protocol 10Gbps Model.
Support both NVME PCIe M key/M+B Key SSD and NGFF SATA protocol B key/M+B Key SSD,with 22cm Type-C to Type-C cable and 22cm Type-C to USB 3.0 cable.
M.2 SATA NVME to USB 3.1 hard drive enclosure.
Comply with SATA 3 specifications and comply with USB3.0 specifications.
Support SATA NVME protocol, suitable for M2 (B Key/B+M Key/M Key) SSD.
Support M.2 SSD, 22*30mm, 22*42mm, 22*60mm, 22*80mm solid state drives, (SSD hard drives are not included).
The output speed depends on the type of SSD you use, SATA (6Gbps), NVME (10Gbps).
Dual protocol uses two kinds of cables, Type-C to Type-A (5Gbps) and Type-C to Type-C (10Gbps).
The aluminum alloy shell increases the heat dissipation area, which facilitates the heat dissipation of the hard disk during work and increases the life of the hard disk.
Support UASP protocol.
Easy to use, no need to drive.
Tool-free buckle design, easy to install.
Type: USB-C To USB-A Cable, USB-C To USB-C Cable, 2 Cables (USB-C To USB-A Cable+USB-C To USB-C Cable)
Applicable: M.2 SATA NVME 2230/2242/2260/2280 SSD
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Main Control: RTL9210B
Maximum Support: 2TB
Support Interface: B Key/B+M Key/M Key
Output Connector: Type-C
System: for Windows 98/Se/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/MAC OS 8.6 or the latest version
Size: 102 X 27 X 11mm/4.02 X 1.06 X 0.43″


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Black M.2 NVMe Case, Black M.2 SATA case, Dualsignal Gray Case, Sliver M.2 NVMe Case, Sliver M.2 SATA case

M key Support M.2 Interface

M key NVMe M.2

B+M key Support M.2 Interface

B key/B+M Key m.2 ngff

Internal Interface


External Interface


Model Number

m.2 SSD Case


m.2 SSD adapter

Supporting Hard Drive Capacity



This is just a case, not include any SSD drive

Support M.2

Type 2280: 80mm(L) x 22mm(W)

Case Material