HIKVISON NAS Network-Cloud-Storage Mobile-Network H90 Smart USB USB2.0 Remotely support 2.5inch HDD

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The password problem can be reproduced with this more step by step test:

on Apple Ipad, IOS system,

with HikBox app version 2.5.8, Official QQ group 1027124825

use this example password, pw17=aB345678901234567

1. press H90 reset button for 5 seconds

2. create initial admin account with password pw17, SUCCESS

3. tap on [My] button on bottom row of screen

4. tap on [Account Management (1) persons] top of screen

5. tap on [Account Settings] top of screen

6. tap on [Modify Login Password] bottom of screen

7. tap on [Enter Old Password] and try to type password pw17 including last character ‘7’, NOT POSSIBLE, max 16 characters

8. try to login with pw17 on Android device, NOT POSSIBLE, max 16 password, strictly checked

The first password question for H90 incorrectly allows the user to enter pw17, which is a 17+ character long password. This password is then stored on H90. When password is prompted by app (IOS or Android) for a 2nd time, for instance attempting login or attempting password change, the pw17 is no longer accepted

Problem: step #2 should have failed, in order to avoid users confusion in step #7 or step #8

Workaround: press reset button again for 5 seconds, make sure to only 16 characters in password, for example “aB34567890123456”

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