120mm PC Cooler Computer Case Cooling Fan 6PIN Adjustable Speed RGB LED PWM


  • You can adjust the color of the light and the speed of color change through the remote control.
  • Reduce the computer temperature. Quiet and beautiful.
  • Switch various lighting modes through remote control.
  • Suitable for DIY Computer.
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  • The remote control is divided into Standard Controller and Music Controller. The controller is directly connected to the power Supply interface. No need to connect to the motherboard.
  • The Music Controller  supports Motherboard synchronization. But the motherboard must have a 5V-3PIN interface.



Application: Computer Case Fan

Compatible CPU: Intel / AMD

Power: 4.2 W

Bearing: Fluid Bearing

Fan Life: 30000 hrs

Fan Speed Control: 1400 RPM

Noise: 25dBA

Feature: RGB Support

Air Volume: 38CFM

Lines: 1 Lines

Power Interface: 6pin

Heatsink Material: Plastic

Fan Size: 120x120x25mm

Operation method:

1. Press this button to enter the playback mode (when turned on)
2. Press and hold the button to enter the RGB color-switching sequence. Press OFF to save and exit after setting(In off state)

1. Turn on
2. Playback Pause
3. Press S to enter Light strip acceleration mode. Press S- to enter Light strip deceleration mode (when while playback is paused)

1. The fan speeds up. (During normal playback)
2. Light strip Speed up (when playback is paused) (press on first)

1. The fan speeds down. (During normal playback)
2. Light strip Speed down (when playback is paused) (press on first)

Featured Mode +(Play in fixed mode)

Featured Mode -(Play in fixed mode)

Shutdown button (automatic save after shutdown)



When the RGB colors do not correspond, the button of the Auto button will light after pressing the button for 2 to 3 seconds. Then press the red button and the color will be red. Then press OFF to save and exit, the corresponding will be correct after restarting

Press and hold the button for 2 to 3 seconds while the power is on. The light of the white button will turn white. Then press the Auto button again. It will be paired automatically. Restore to original code after power failure