2.4GHz Wireless mini Slim Keyboard with TouchPad Mouse


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2.4G wireless Keyboard Characteristics:

2.4G wireless keyboard touchpad

Suitable for AIl-IN-ONE computers,Laptops,Desktops,etc.

R shape angle of keycaps,comfort to type.

Supported power by 2pcs AAA batteries.


Energy Saving Mode:


Keyboard dormant energy-saving mode:lf keyboard is not used for 10minutes,it will be dormant.Press any key,it will be active.

If press and hold any key for 2 minutes,keyboard will be dormant.Press any key,it will be active.


Keyboard specification:


Operating distance is up to 10 meters

Modulation system: GFSK

Working voltage: 1.8-3.0V

Keyboard working current: 2.5mA

Touchpad working current: 4.0mA

Standby current: 0.3 ~1.5mA

Sleeping current: 0.2mA

Battery: 2*AAANot Included)

Key force: 60g about

Key life: 3 million strokes

Operating temperature: -10  – 55 degrees

Keyboard weight: 266g

Keyboard size: 36.7*12.1*18cm

Support Windows 2000 / XP / win7 / win8 / win10 / Vista 32bit / MAC / Android TV(The IOS system cannot use the touchpad)


Package included:

2.4G wireless keyboard(French or English )

USB receiver

English User Manual


Function Keys Analysis:

Fn +Esc: Player / Fn +F1: Play/Pause

Fn +F2 : Last track / FN+F3 : Next track

Volume down / FN+F5 : Volume up

FN+F6 : Mute / FN+F7 : Home

FN+F8 : Search / FN+F9 : Favorite

FN+F10:INSERT/FN+F11:number lock

FN+F12:  Screenshot

FN+Pg Up:Page up

FN+Pg On:Page down

FN+Home:Line front

UN+END:Line end


Indicator Analysis:

NumberOneNumber indicator: Press Fn+F11,LED will be blue.Press them again,LED will be off.

CapsOneCAPSLock indicator: Press CAPSLock key,LED will be blue.Press it again,LED will be off.

Power indicator: Once keyboard power on,LED will flash red light.

Battery Low indicator : If battery is lower than 2.1V,LED will flash red light.


Safety Caution:

Keep the item away from sharp objects.

Do not place heavy object on the keyboard.

Do not Microwave the item.

Do not force or distorted the keyboard

5) Keep away from oil, chemical or any other organic liquid.Package Contents


Connecting Steps:

Stpe1. USB receiver connect to device’s USB port.

Step2. Assembly 2AAA bteriese switch power btton to [ONj side.

Step3. (Power] ndicator flashes red,then of.Connected scessuily


Note:In step 2,if fail to cnnetpress ESC+K.forcing to enter pairing status.

















Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 5.0 × 3.0 cm


Texture of material


Operation Style


Full Size keyboard


Axis Body Brand

78 Keys

Key technology

X architecture

Keyboard Standard

78 Keys


2.4Ghz Wireless

product size




Connection mode with computer



Split Keyboard



Interface Type


The number of keys


Wrist Support