4 Digital Water Level Indicator Board Liquid Sensor Controller Module for Arduino UNO NANO


  • Working voltage: DC 5V
  • Working current 7-12MA
  • One power indicator light, four water level indicator lights
  • Four water level output interfaces (low-level 0V, high-level 3.7V), for MCU IO
  • Four water level sensor interfaces (2P XH2.54)
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for Arduino UNO MEGA2560 NANO IO


Home water tower automatic water supply system

Aquarium Fishtank Water Changer System

Fill the water tower automatically

Automatic pumping from the water tower

Conductive liquid automatic control

Automatic feeding system for poultry and livestock

Farm automatic water supply system

And other occasions that require an automatic water supply and water exchange.

Solenoid valve water pump motor automatic control


Size: 32mm X 28mm X 11mm(With Pin),32mm X 28mm X 3.5mm(No Pin)

Weight: 4.6g(With Pin),3.3g(No Pin)


Package included

1x DC 5V 4 Digital Water Liquid Level Indicator Module

1 Package does not contain probe (wire).2P Male XH2.54mm Pitch Wire Cable can be used as a probe,which can be purchased separately or prepared by yourself.
2 For safety, use an DC power supply with good isolation

Interface description

VCC: Power of positive(DC 5V)

GND: Power of negative(DC 5V)

D1 D2 D3 D4: water level output interfaces (low-level 0V, high-level 3.7V)

I1 I2 I3 I4: water level sensor interfaces (2P XH2.54)

Wiring diagram:

Make the probe(Need to be purchased separately):

1 Prepare 2PCS(or more) XH2.54MM wires
(You can prepare this kind of wire by yourself, or buy it from our shop)

2 Multiple wires can be spliced to lengthen the probe length.
(Please do waterproof treatment at the splicing.)

3 Please cut the female interface short and keep a distance of 5-10MM
(This prevents water droplets from sticking to the probe. )