502C HIFI 2x50W TPA3116 AUX + Bluetooth 5.0 HIFI High Power Digital Amplifier


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This product is full of materials, featuring high performance and high performance price, especially for HIFI music power amplifier with high power and high fidelity.
TPA3116D2 is a type D amplifier IC launched by TI company, which has very high index parameters.The maximum modulation frequency is 1.2MHZ, and the high power output distortion is less than 0.1%.
The red and gray ring inductors are specially designed for digital power amplifiers, featuring low loss, high bandwidth and high fidelity.
The 684 film capacitor is a special capacitor for audio amplifier, which has the characteristics of low loss, high bandwidth and high fidelity.
With AUX and Bluetooth two audio source input mode, two in one.
Potentiometer adjust volume, easy to control volume, very suitable for DIY speakers.
Copper DC female head, fence terminal, withstand large current, no heat, no damage to the line, good wiring, not easy to short circuit.
Bluetooth version 5.0, higher transmission efficiency, longer transmission distance. 

Audio input: AUX+Bluetooth
Work voltage: 9-24V DC
Cooling fin:Large
Protection:Overvoltage,undervoltage Size:84*52*24mm
1. The case needs to be assembled by yourself. Free screwdriver.
2. Notes for use: the power switch on the board is standby switch, and the machine is in standby state with low power consumption after the switch is turned off. To completely turn off the power or to remove the DC plug on the machine for a long time, it is ok.
Package Included:
1 x 2*50W TPA3116 AUX+ bluetooth 5.0 HIFI High Power Digital Amplifier 
1 x Shell Kit(If you chose version with shell)

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with shell, without shell