51 Single Chip Scale DIY Self-Made Electronic Production Kit


  • The digital tube displays the detected weight and can switch the detection unit (g/Kg)
  • With fine-tuning and calibration function, the measured data is more accurate
  • When the detection unit is G, the resolution is 0.01g, when the detection unit is KG, the resolution is 1g
  • With peeling function
  • When the object exceeds the detection range, there will be an alarm sound

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The program has been downloaded at the time of shipment, and the shipment is a loose part and needs to be welded by yourself.


Input voltage: DC5V

Finished product size: 85*85*45mm

Maximum display range: 1Kg

Peeling function: Yes


Schematic Diagram

Working principle: STC15W408S single-chip microcomputer is used as the main control, the special AD chip HX711 for weighing samples data, and the digital tube is used as a display device to display the weight; there are four side-foot touch buttons as human-computer interaction channels.


1. The kit does not have a power supply.

2. Individual components such as resistors and capacitors are temporarily out of stock. We will replace them with components of other nearby values based on their symbolic circuit principles. The blue metal film resistors may be replaced with gray carbon film resistors and gray carbon film resistors. It is also possible to change to a blue metal film resistor, which has the same effect.

  • Type: Voltage Regulator
  • Application: Computer
  • Package: SMD
  • electronic scale diy kit: self-made electronic scale parts