7.5 inch Ink Screen Electronic Paper Yellow Black and White Color SPI Interface


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[One minute self introduction]
I am an electronic ink screen module, 7.5 inches, resolution 640 × 384, with an internal controller, using SPI interface communication, can display yellow and black and white.
Due to my low power consumption, wide viewing angle, and clear display of power failure, I am often used in display applications such as shelf labels and industrial meters.

[My characteristics]
No backlight required, power off can keep the last screen display for a long time
Very low power consumption, basically only consumes power when refreshing
Based on Raspberry Pi standard interface design, compatible and can be directly inserted into Raspberry Pi 2 generation B/3 generation B/Zero/Zero W
Introduce SPI control interface, can access Raspberry/Arduino/Nucleo and other main control boards
Provide a complete supporting information manual (sample programs such as Raspberry/Arduino/STM32)

[My parameters]

Working voltage: 3.3V
Communication interface: SPI
Dimensions: 170.2mm × 111.2mm
Display size: 163.2mm × 97.92mm
Point distance: 0.255 × 0.255
Resolution: 640 × 384
Display color: yellow, black, white
Gray level: 2
Global refresh: 16s
Refresh power consumption: 38mW (typ.)
Standby power consumption: <0.017mW
Viewing angle: >170°

【Interface Description】
VCC: 3.3V
DIN: SPI communication MOSI pin
CLK: SPI communication SCK pin
CS : SPI Chip Select Pin (Active Low)
DC: Data/command control pin (high level means data, low level means command)
RST : External reset pin (low reset)
BUSY: Busy status output pin (low level means busy)

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