7 Inch IPS HD Temperature AIDA64 Monitoring Screen For Desktop Computer Case


  • 7-inch display module
  • Display details of the computer with AIDA64, etc.
  • Can be built into a desktop computer
  • HDMI connection
  • Can be connected to DP with adapter
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After installation, you can request a software setup tutorial

The software installation tutorial contains a template. Once it is sent out, it will not be returned, please light it into the system before requesting it, please be aware.
Screen wiring tutorial:
Video version:
Extraction code: qd5n

Installation and setup tutorial:

Computer temperature monitoring丨Voltage丨Fan rotation‖Game FPS

It can also be used as an ordinary screen to watch TV, watch live broadcast, play games, etc.


Does monitoring occupy computer resources?
The software used by the temporary control is AIDA64, which takes up very low brain resources, so there is no need to worry about affecting computer performance
And it supports automatic startup monitoring when booting, no need to open a browser to monitor
I want to put it inside the case
Yes, the monitor can be placed anywhere, if it is placed in the case, it is recommended to buy HDMI
With DuPont power supply line, the fixing method can be non-marking double-sided tape, or back against the Zhongyuan lamp position
There is no need to worry about problems such as not setting up, and there are tutorials specifically recorded hardware installation video and monitoring template installation
How many monitoring templates are there? Are they provided?
There are nearly 10 horizontal and vertical screen templates made in the mouth, and the template configuration file will be updated for free when you purchase the screen.






Accessories description
HDMI aviation cable
Bendable, ultra-thin and ultra-narrow, suitable for the main line in the chassis, can be inserted into the graphics card without removing the baffle, and the transmission signal is stable
HDMI noodle line
The relatively ordinary HDM cable is softer, and it is easier to route the monitor when it is placed on the desktop, and it will not pull the monitor
DuPont to microusb power supply
The DuPont interface is plugged into the USB9pin interface on the motherboard. The medium voltage is 5V. It can be used in the chassis without plugging the USB interface on the back.
For the HDMI connection on the graphics card is not enough, you can use the rotary head to transfer the DP connection to HDMI