8.8 Inch IPS Display Bar Monitor Screen 480X1920 HDMI Compatible for AIDA64 CPU GPU SSD Temperature Monitoring


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This product is an 8.8 inch long strip scale full-color TFT LCD with touch function. Resolution 480 * 1920, IPS full view HD highlight effect, high resolution, excellent color reproduction and uniformity, high brightness 600cd/m ², Contrast 800:1. IPS 178 ° full view, suitable for multiple people to share videos.

Display parameters

This product is a mini personal computer hardware status monitor. Through the cooperation of well-known hardware monitoring aida64, it displays various parameters of personal computer hardware, such as CPU GPU load, temperature, fan speed, network speed, various chip core voltages and other software.

Wide application

This product is widely used in smart home appliances, kitchen appliances (refrigerator display panel, washing machine display panel, coffee machine display panel, kitchen utensils display panel), electric vehicle dashboard, shelf advertising display, vehicle mounted display, computer sub screen and other products.

Plug and play, easy to use

This is a drive free display. 1 X mini HDMI-compatible and 1 X mini USB port. HDMI-compatible supports data and signal transmission, a USB power supply and touch. It is equipped with USB and HDMI-compatible cables, as well as a bracket.

Multiple monitoring

Not only one display, but also temperature monitoring, PC dynamic monitoring and real-time monitoring of your equipment. Drawing aluminum alloy CNC integrated shell, with better manufacturing details. The screen brightness can be adjusted by 3 levels as required. Supports for Windows&Linux&Raspberry Pi.

Regarding the use of touchscreen features

Connect the USB cable to the host’s USB, HDMI-compatible cable to the computer’s graphics card, open the computer control panel, find the tablet settings, click on the stroke settings inside, click on the settings, the computer’s main and secondary screens will be white, and then there will be text on the main screen. Click the Enter key on the keyboard, and the text will go to the secondary screen, Then double click on the secondary screen with your finger (USB needs to be connected to the host’s USB port, control panel, not in the settings section. If the control panel is not found and you choose to view it, click on the large icon to see it)



Display Ratio: 21:9
Response Time: 30ms
Screen Type: LCD
Bracket Type: Ordinary bracket
Screen surface: MATT
Style: Touch screen
Size: 8.8 inch
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum alloy
Display type: Normally black
Resolution: 480X1920
Contrast: 800:1
Surface brightness: 600cd/m2
Angle of view: 178 ° full angle of view
Pixel arrangement: RGB stripe
Pixel pitch: 0.114 (H) X 0.114 (V) mm
Display area: 54.72 (H) * 218.88 (V) mm
Product interface: HDMI-compatible, USB
Input voltage: Micro USB 5V
Operating temperature: – 20 – +70 ℃
Storage temperature: – 30 – +80 ℃
Brightness: 550Cd/㎡
Size: 235x67x18mm/9.25×2.64×0.71in
Weight: 285g