ADSP-21489 DSP Development Module ADC PCM1804 Input DAC PCM1798 Output Board 4 in 6 Out / 4 in 8 Out Processor


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Debug your own program, and then the tools we provide are solidified into the MCU through the USB interface on the board, and you can run away from the computer.

The system framework defaults to 96K or 192K sampling, 4 in 8 out I2S interface plus 4 in 8 out SPDIF interface, professional audio, HIFI device, personal DIY.
DSP2148X development kit (with supporting PC software, can be used directly as audio processor / dsp electronic crossover).
ADSP21489 floating-point core processor + PCM1804 (ADC) + PCM1798 (DAC), delay / frequency division / phase / compression / mixing / GEQ / PEQ, system joint tuning, storage / recall, Chinese and English interface switching, direct computer USB It doesn’t need secondary development. It has 4 input and 8 output professional audio processors, which can be used directly as DSP electronic crossover.
PC interface: Support Chinese and English switching, USB direct connection and driver-free.


ADSP21489 core board
USB interface can update firmware or program firmware. The debugging interface can use any of the USBI emulators in this shop. It provides basic framework routines, and other functional algorithms can be added arbitrarily. For example, if you want to do something abnormal such as a 500-segment EQ


ADC board (PCM1804 + MC33078)
You can change the op amp yourself or replace it with the more powerful PCM4202


DAC board (PCM1798 + MC33078)
You can change the op amp yourself or replace it with the more powerful PCM1794


Analog IN A/B is shared with S/PDIF,The default is S/PDIF digital input, switch to switch coaxial or optical fiber


  4 in 8 out package (one ADC analog input + 4 DAC analog output + core board + test bottom board)
    Both ADC and DAC boards are balanced circuits, and there are 3P pin holes on the boards. Of course, our backplane is only connected to the positive terminal of the signal input/output.


In order to better experience our products, the core board is not recommended to be purchased separately, because the adverse consequences caused by connection or power problems are not easy to define, so we do not accept returns for DSP chip damage.
We also have USBI emulator for ADI full range of DSP, SPI / 12C two communication methods, the function is fully compatible with the official version.


Switching power supply that can be used together. (Set with power input and output interface cable)

Switching power supply board, suitable for professional or civilian electronic products such as pre-effects / audio processors
The output voltage of this switching power supply is: (no load)
-12V terminal actual voltage -19V 1A maximum load current
+ 12V terminal actual voltage + 19V 1A maximum load current
A + 5V / D + 5V terminal The actual voltage 6.8V (regulated voltage) defaults to 2A, the maximum output can reach 4A
3V0 terminal The actual voltage is 3V, which can be discharged quickly as the shock protection voltage of the switch
If you need 5V output (+ -19v becomes about 14V, please ignore the label on the board), you need to inform the customer service to modify or modify it yourself


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21489 Core board, 4 In 6 Out No Power, 4 In 8 Out And Power, ADC PCM1804, DAC PCM1798, Test Board, USBi