Automatic Phone Tablet Screen Clicker Smart Mute Connection Point Grabber


  • Non-contact air mapping click technology, zero noise
  • 30s/once ———1s/30 times click
  • Nano sucker
  • Bionic random clicks
  • Built-in large battery
  • Exquisite and compact, easy to carry



Non-contact air mapping click technology, zero noise, longer life, innovative technology, no damage to the screen, and more sensitive and stable clicking.

62 gears can be adjusted, 30s/once ———1s/30 times, the platform is fully covered, 99% of the platforms are universal, universal for Android, Apple mobile phones, and tablets, stable operation and no jamming.No useless work is done, and it is not easy to be misjudged. Fast orders, game loops, fast likes.

The click display design is clear at a glance.

The clicker has its own digital display function. Click speed is clearly displayed in numbers, and the working status is clear at a glance.

Ultra-quiet design, no sound, and no interference. Using space mapping technology to replace the traditional mechanical click method, silent click does not affect work or rest.

Each click head comes with a blue indicator light, the flashing frequency is the same as the click frequency, and the working status of the click head is clear at a glance.

1 drag 5 design, 5 devices directly connected.5 click heads to click at the same time, like, grab orders, play games, live broadcast simultaneously, support use while charging, and work 24 hours a day.

Built-in large battery, support for use while charging.

Random gears, bionic random clicks, simulating finger clicks. Equipped with a new intelligent upgrade chip and bionic technology, it truly simulates the random click of a human finger, preventing detection and blocking.

Modular design, click head detachable.

Nano sucker, fit more firmly. The click head sucker adopts nano-mucosal material, which has strong viscosity and strong adsorption force, and it will not fall after long-term use. It can be washed with water. After use, the viscosity decreases and the viscosity can be restored after washing with water.

Exquisite and compact, easy to carry. The diameter is only 7 cm, it can be easily put into the pocket, and the click head can be stored for easy storage.

If the clicker screen shows LO, it means it is out of power, you can charge it for half an hour and try again