Bluetooth 2.4GHz Wireless Touchpad Mouse Multi-Gesture


  • Small size precision Press panel
  • 1000 DPI resolution
  • Support the PTP gesture function of Microsoft Windows10
  • Support the simulated PTP gesture function of Windows 7, NT, XP
  • Support the button function of the Microsoft mouse.
  • Provides precise cursor positioning function; multi-finger, multi-gesture function; adds a complete mouse button function;
  • Mouse button status indicator, operating system connection indicator, smooth and wear-resistant Press panel
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight and stylish design, which meets the requirements of ergonomic use

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Performance and function

USB 2.0 connection interface

Effective finger sensing area size: 131mm (L) x 81mm W)

It can automatically identify the connected Microsoft operating system

Three mouse buttons press/release the indicator light, the gesture function can be released

Windows 10/7 indicator

1000 DPI resolution, response rate greater than 136/sec

Power consumption current (maximum value): about 50mA±10%

ESD discharge test: non-contact conditions: 0-10 KV, contact conditions: 0-6 KV


Connection method: 2.4GHz + Bluetooth

Operating system: windows7 10

Working environment temperature: -5 Celsius- 45 Celsius

Working environment humidity: 5%-95%;

Storage temperature: -45 Celsius – 60 Celsius

Material: plastic


Package Contents:

1 * Wireless touchpad

1 * Charging cable