DC 9-12V LED Nightlight Electronics DIY Kit Welding Practice Suit


  • 18pcs highlight LED
  • Perfect simple circuit
  • Two position brightness control
  • DIY hand soldering
  • Infrared Remote Control

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Note: The battery is not included.


DC 9V-12V Infrared Remote Control DIY Kit.

User can use any infrared remote controller to control the lamp on or off with 18pcs white LED.


Work Voltage: DC 9V-12V

Work Current: 30mA

Power Type: 5.5mm Power Socket or 9V Battery(Not Included)

Work Mode: Switch or Infrared Remote Control

Color: White LED

Work Temperature: -40℃~85℃

Work Humidity: 5%~85%RH

Size(Installed): 65*65*36mm


S1 black button is used to turn ON or OFF lamp.

S2 self-locking switch is used to change led brightness. 18pcs LED turn ON.

Any infrared remote controller to control the lamp on or off.


Training welding skills

Student school

DIY production

Project Design

Electronic competition

Gift giving

Crafts collection

Home decoration

Souvenir collection

Graduation design

Holiday gifts

  • Type: Logic ICs
  • Model Number: LED Nightlight Kit
  • Operating Temperature: -35-85 Celsius
  • Supply Voltage: DC 9-12V
  • Note: The battery is not included.