DIY PCB Board 4 Wire 1000W USB Tester Electronic Load Lithium 18650 Battery Capacity Monitor Discharge DC Power Supply Meter


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Warm Tips

This product needs to be installed and tested by professionals. If you can’t install it, please don’t buy this product.Please purchase a 75X75MM fan according to the requirements, install it and test it again. If you find that the fan is not installed, then the test is damaged. Our store is not responsible for after-sales. The fan starts working at 10W or 55°C.

Warm Prompt Tips

This product is for the convenience of guests DIY, does not include the radiator, please purchase carefully

Our PCB board default assembly fan is 150W or 180W

Please purchase or install the CPU fan yourself, you can use it.

If you have strong hands-on ability, you can DIY set up 1000W products, you need a powerful radiator fan!

If you need DIY 1000W, you need to meet 3 conditions

1. Need to add IRFP260N (150W) discharge tube

2. Need to add a powerful radiator (support 1000W)

3. Need strong modification ability.


Software Download Way

1, User manual, PC software installation instruction and PC software and Android APP download link :

2, IOS APP: search E_test on iphone APP store to download

3. Android APP: search E-test at Google play to download

After installing the radiator fan successfully, you will refer to the following instructions for application

After installing the radiator fan successfully, you will refer to the following instructions for application.

Compatible with four major online APPs (Android, Apple, PC all-pass kill) Simultaneously compatible with four major discharge modes (constant current, constant power, constant resistance, and constant voltage full coverage) At the same time compatible with both Bluetooth wireless and wired connection The high-power and large-discharge tube discharge test summarizes hundreds of large-scale instrumentation circuit principles and evolutionary extractions. All the major advantages are integrated into one screen. The discharge aging screen displays a variety of parameters. The test is convenient, fast and powerful.

Play test diversification.

With external wired NTC temperature probe to achieve internal and external dual temperature measurement, suitable for more occasions.

Three intelligent safety protections, real-time monitoring of the status of the discharge tube, safe and reliable.

Built-in intelligent temperature-controlled fan switch and temperature-controlled speed design reduce fan noise and extend fan life.

Electrical parameters

Test voltage:2~200V

Working current:0.2~25A

DL24 Discharge power: voltage * current < 150 W

DL24P Discharge power: voltage * current < 180 W

(The actual running current is limited by the maximum power, please adjust the current according to the law of energy conservation)

The built-in over-current, over-temperature, over-power safety protection functions, if the protection interface is popped up, please pay attention to the parameter adjustment, shall adjust to the maximum power, and then discharge, you can first slowly and smoothly adjust the preset value in the start and discharge, in order to adjust up to the maximum power for discharging

Four operating modes of operation

1.Constant current operation(CC)

2.Constant resistance operation(CR)

3. Constant power operation(CP)

4. Constant voltage operation(CV)

Protection settings

1.Overload protection

2.Overcurrent protection

3. High temperature protection

Device background settings (Chinese / English settings)

1.Chinese settings

2.English settings

1) Apple Mobile APP:

Please search for E_test in the application store to download and install, then click the Bluetooth APP icon to open the software, and then click the Bluetooth icon above the software to enter the selection DL24-BLE to connect, you can achieve mobile phone remote wireless remote control settings and Measurement function, the discharge status can be viewed at any time on the mobile phone, various data cleaning is visible, the voltage and current power curve of the discharge, etc.

2) Android phone APP:

Scan the QR code on the back of the host to download the corresponding APP software or Android APP: search E-test at Google play to down load . After the installation is complete, open the software and click the Bluetooth icon to enter the direct selection of DL24-BLE to successfully use it online. (No need for Bluetooth pairing, the software Bluetooth icon directly selects DL24. can)

3) Computer wired online APP:

After the host is powered on, connect the USB port of the computer with the provided data cable, and then install the CH340 serial port driver, then scan the QR code on the back of the host to download the corresponding APP software. After the installation is complete, select the software you just installed and add The serial port model can be successfully used online, of course, this APP style using the installation method is also compatible with the serial port device of the Bluetooth device!

4) Computer Bluetooth wireless online APP:

First add the Bluetooth device to the serial port device of DL24-SPP on the computer, then scan the QR code on the back of the host to download the corresponding APP software and store it. Open the software without installing and select the Bluetooth serial port model just added. You can successfully use online.


Product List

DL24 / DL24P Color Display Bluetooth Digital Control Curve Version Load Tesr x1

DC12V 1A power supply x1

PC computer online line x1

Temperature probe x1

Red and black single line crocodile clip line x1

US to EU adapter x1

User Manual

The manuals for DL24 / DL24P are the same manual. The pictures on the manual are DL24. It is for reference only. Please receive the actual products.