Fish Eye Wide Angle Macro Telephoto CPL Zoom Lenses Case Lens for Apple iPhone 12


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Fisheye lens

It can take a 180-degree angle of view. The photo is very three-dimensional and has a special effect.

Wide-angle lens

Using a 0.65x super wide-angle lens allows you to shoot a wide range of scenes, such as larger crowds, buildings and landscapes.

Telephoto lens

3 times telephoto lens shooting makes you immersive.

Macro lens

You can focus on a distance of 10-15mm to take photos with 10X-20X magnification.

Applicable Model:for iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Mini / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro MAX


Lens use:

Pay special attention to dust and dust. Do not Press the fingers or other objects on the glass lens. Dust or foreign objects stick to the lens or the inside will affect the shooting effect. Remember to cover the protective cover after use. Loading into the storage bag.


It is as natural as water products, and it is difficult to form fog after entering the water, making the camera blurry and unusable;

To prevent falling, the built-in lenses are made of high transparent material, which may break when dropped onto a hard object.

Material: TPU + aluminum alloy

colour: black


Package Contents:

1 x Camera Lens Phone Case