Full Speed 3.0 PCIE X16 Graphics Card Shielded Extension Cable Compatible with ATX Chassis


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Common Problem

Question: The graphics card is older and lower-end, can it be supported?

Answer: 70% is compatible, but it is easy to have problems such as unoptimized signal, there may be unknown problems, such as black screen, driver disconnection or large loss


Question: How to choose a graphics card extension cable to distinguish good from bad

Answer: Look at the raw material of the cable, the raw material of the cable is the key to transmission


Question: Can the extension cable drive the 1050ti that is not powered by 75w?

Answer: Yes, the test generally uses a 75w unpowered 1050ti graphics card. In addition to testing the performance, the store also tested the load capacity. (Please choose some extension cords carefully, the load capacity is weak, and it is easy to wear the graphics card after long-term use)


  • Type: Extension Cable