Hanging Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector High-transmittance Anti-UV for 20-22” Desktop Monitor


  • High Transmittance anti-UV
  • Restores the original colors
  • Fit to 20-22″ monitor
  • Removable & Reusable
  • Kept away from grease, fingerprint and sweat
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This Hanging Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector blocks blue light and UV to protect your eyes and restores the original colors. Besides, it is washable.


Why do You Need it?

If you suffer from dry eyes, eye fatigue, reducing melatonin, ultraviolet radiation, freckles, wrinkle or myopia, you need a blue light blocking film to protect you.


The Necessity of it

We have to use computer for a long time while cornea and crystalline lens of our eyes are unable to resist or reflect blue light.


Removable & Reusable

Different from the common films, it is designed to hang on the monitor. Therefore, it is useful if you have various monitors.


High Transmittance

With this design, it restores the original colors that the screen displays, as far as possible.


Screen Protector

With this film, the screen is kept away from grease, fingerprint and sweat. Besides, the film is washable.



Material: Acrylic

Item size: 490*317mm/ 19.29* 12.48in

Package size: 580*380*35mm/ 22.83* 14.96* 1.38in

Package weight: 900g/ 31.75oz


Packing list:

1 * Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

1 * Cleaning cloth

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