Mini Solar Power Panel System DIY Battery Cell Charger Module


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  • Brand Name: SLAR
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Foldable Solar Panel: No
  • Number of Panels: 18
  • Certification: None
  • Flexible Solar Panel: No
  • Type: Solar Panel
  • Size: None
  • Model Number: CNC series
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Number of Cells: 18/24pcs
  • Material: Polycrystalline Silicon



12v 15w

2W3W4.5W12V 2W2.5W12V 3W


How to choose the solar cell?

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3.7V 5.5V-6V 6V solar panel
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>>All Solar cell stock on sale:

Model No Solar cell Size Work
Max Power
CNC60X60-1 1V500MA Poly solar cell 60x60mm 1V 500MA
CNC60X80-1.5 1.5V0.65W Poly solar cell 60X80mm 1.5V 430MA
CNC60X60-2 2V150MA Poly solar cell 60X60mm 2V 150MA
CNC50X80-2 2V300MA Poly solar cell 50X80mm 2V 300MA
CNC60X120-3.5 3.5V250MA Poly solar cell 60X120mm 3.5V 250MA
CNC55X55-4 4V60MA Poly solar cell 55X55mm 4V 60MA
CNC60X80-4 4V150MA Poly solar cell 60X80mm 4V 150MA
CNC60X90-5 5V150MA Poly solar cell 60X90mm 5V 150MA
CNC110X69-5 5V250MA Poly solar cell 110X69mm 5V 250MA
CNC165X165-5 5V840MA Poly solar cell 165X165mm 5V 4.2W
CNC65X65-5.5 5.5V0.6W Poly solar cell 65X65mm 5.5V 0.6W
CNC95X95-5.5 5.5V1W Poly solar cell 95X95mm 5.5V 1W
CNC150X86-5.5 5.5V1.6W Poly solar cell 150X86mm 5.5V 1.6W
CNC60X90-6 6V0.6W Poly solar cell 60X90mm 6V 0.6W
CNC110X60-6 6V1W Poly solar cell 60X110mm 6V 1W
CNC112X84-6 6V1.1W Poly solar cell 112X84mm 6V 1.1W
CNC136X110-6 6V2W Poly solar cell 136X110mm 6V 2W
CNC145X145-6 6V3WMono solar cell 145x145mm 6V 3W
CNC135X165-6 6V3.5W Poly solar cell 135X165mm 6V 3.5W
CNC165X165-6 6V4.5WMono solar cell 165x165mm 6V 4.5W
CNC156X76-9 9V1.3W Poly solar cell 156X76mm 9V 1.3W
CNC115X115-9 9V2W Poly solar cell 115X115mm 9V 2W
CNC125X195-9 9V3W Poly solar cell 125X195mm 9V 3W
CNC165X165-9 9V4.2W Poly solar cell 165X165mm 9V 4.2W
CNC110X136-12 12V2W Poly solar cell 136X110mm 12V 2W
CNC213X92-12 12V2.5W Poly solar cell 213X92mm 12V 2.5W
CNC145X145-12 12V3W Poly solar cell 145X145mm 12V 3W
CNC115X85-18 18V1.5W Poly solar cell 115X85mm 18V 1.5W
CNC170X170-18 18V4.5WMono solar cell 170X170mm 18V 4.2W

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