Type C Magnetic Adapter USB C PD to MagSafe 1 2 DC Power Connector for Macbook Air Pro Laptop Fat Charging Magnet Plug Converter


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Note: In order to avoid malfunctions when the product is working, since the product is a PD adapter, please use the PD cable and PD charger together


Type-c to MagSafe adapter

The upgraded C-type charger adapter has stronger suction power and is more stable.

When the magnet approaches the base, it simply clicks into place.

Effectively reduce the damage rate of the computer or mobile phone socket.


High-quality material

The adapter is made of high-quality aluminum alloy shell, the product heats up faster, and the LED charging indicator allows you to know the working status of the product at any time.

It supports PD fast charging and has a built-in PD protocol adapter.


PD fast charging

Support 20V / 5A maximum charging efficiency, C-type PD fast charging technology can provide faster-charging speed for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

A device that supports MacBook USB C port.Convenient design: The 90°L-shaped right-angle design is very suitable for laptops and mobile phones.



It is easy to carry, and the plug is firmly inserted into the socket. Suitable for people who frequently change office locations.

The green light means it is working.


Safe and durable

The magnetic interface is an ideal choice to avoid accidental dropping of laptops or mobile phones.

Reduce the risk of pulling and breaking, reduce the wear rate of the port, and greatly increase the service life of the data cable.


Models compatible with MagSafe 1

(1)13-inch for MacBook Pro model introduced in 2009

(2)MacBook models introduced from 2006 through mid-2009

(3)13-inch MacBook Air models introduced in 2008 through 2011

(4)11-inch MacBook Air models introduced from 2010 to 2011

(5)13-inch MacBook Pro models introduced in 2010 through 2012

(6)MacBook models introduced in late 2009 through 2010


Models compatible with MagSafe 2

(1)MacBook Air models introduced in 2012 through 2017 (T-type original charger)

(2)13-inch MacBook Pro models introduced in 2012 through 2015 (T-type original charger)

(3)15-inch MacBook Pro models introduced from 2012 through 2015 (T-type original charger)



Material: aluminum alloy

Color: Gray

Current: 5A

Voltage: 18.5V~20V

Suitable for: MacBook Air/for pro