Wall Mounted Waterproof Shower Phone Holder with 480° Rotation, Angle Adjustable


  • IPX6 waterproof and anti-fog case
  • For bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Compatible with smartphones under 6.8 inches
  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Easy installation
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📱New Upgrade, Retractable, Angle Adjustable

The unique design of the retractable adjustable holder not only has 360-degree arbitrary rotation, it can easily achieve free retraction, which makes the up and down adjustable angle increase significantly. The shower phone holder can be extended by up to 2.3in, allowing the phone screen to be displayed at the right angle.

📱Waterproof and Anti-fog

The shower phone holder is made of high-quality ABS, EVA and other friendly materials. Featuring a double-layer waterproof construction with an internal waterproof strap design and full wrap-around storage, it is impervious to water vapor and shower splashes. Note that it is forbidden to completely immerse the product in water.

📱HD,High Sensitive Touchable Screen

With a 3mm high definition, high transparency and high sensitivity touchable screen, it does not affect the viewing quality and operating experience at all. You can check your text messages or emails, watch YouTube, TikTok, Netflix and let your tired body enjoy a more relaxing shower after a long day.

📱Suitable for Most Phones

Suitable for mobile phones with screen size less than 6.8 inches.

Note: If your phone comes with a home button, then we recommend you turn on the virtual button of your phone when using the bathroom phone waterproof case.

📱Easy to install, no punching

The product comes with 3 pieces of adhesive wall hooks, which have a strong suction force and are long-lasting, you don’t have to buy more than one product to use it in multiple places. Note that when installing adhesive wall hooks, you need to ensure that the wall surface is dry. For example, in bathrooms, kitchens, and on mirrors.

It must be pasted for 48 hours before it can be used! !!