Wireless remote control RF USB switch


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USB remote control power switch plug

Fast response speed and strong anti-interference ability.


USB male input, USB female output

Plug-and-play, responsive signal can penetrate walls

Suitable for controlling a variety of USB-powered product power supplies

Note: Only the power supply is controlled, not the data. Load recommendation: ≤5A


The product is powered off by default.


such as:

The power supply is connected to a 5V power supply, the remote control is turned on, and the output is 5V.


Click the “OFF” button of the remote control, the indicator light goes out, and the output end is powered off.

Product parameters:
[Connector model]: USB male input, USB female output
[Module output]: MOS tube has no contact output and no sound (control positive electrode)
[Product Frequency]: RF signal 433MHZ
[Power supply range]: 3.5V to 15V (wide voltage universal)
[Module power consumption]: Standby about 6mA, on state about 6mA
[Module Net Weight]: about 20g
[Load capacity]: 5A current up to 30 watts.
[Coverage distance]: about 30 meters
[Coding type]: learning type, each set of independent coding






Use: Universal

Use: Lighting

Use: Switch

Wireless Communication: RF

Support APP: No

Certification: NONE

Frequency: 433 MHz

Channel: 1

Model Number: USB-YKQ

Remote control battery: Built in battery