X99 Dual CPU Motherboards Socket Xeon LGA 2011-3 8* DDR4 Up to 256GB Dual Gigabit Ethernet VGA USB3.0,SATA3.0, NVMe M.2


  • Dual CPU Motherboard, Support Dual Xeon V3V4
  • E-ATX form factor
  • Product Of Ingenuity, Rest Assured Quality
  • 8-channel DDR4 slot Support 256g memory
  • Luxury materials for 12 layer PCB
  • Full speed M.2 interface
  • Design digital power supply

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Support LGA 2011-V3 / V4 Full Series CPU

Note: no support QS ES Version

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If you have other demands on processor model and the memory quantity, you can contact us.We can provide personal tailor motherboard set
(CPU & RAM & SSD M.2 & Power Supply & Computer Case)

General information
Model JINGSHA X99 Dual

Support LGA 2011-V3 / V4 Full Series CPU
8* DDR4 RAM Slot, Support 2133/2400 MHz Dual CPU 8-Channel Architecture up to 256GB
Onboard High-Speed NVMe M.2 Interface
Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Two-Digits Debug Display
10* SATA3.0

CPU Support Full Series LGA 2011-V3 / V4 Series
Form Factor E-ATX, 304mm x 300mm
Memory 8* DDR4 Slot,  Support ECC REG and NON-ECC, NON-REG RAM
Maximum RAM Capacity 256GB
Graphic 3* PCI-E 1X
1* PCI-E 16X
Storage 10* SATA3.0
LAN 2* Realtek RTL8111H Chipset, Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Audio Realtek Audio Codec ALC662, 5.1 Sound Channel Supported.
USB Ports 4* USB3.0, 4* USB2.0
PSU Solution 2* 8 Pin + 1* 24 Pin Power Supply
Other Onboard High-Speed NVMe M.2 Interface
Accessories 1 x I/O Shield
1 x SATA cable

X99Dual Motherboard

8*DDR4 Memory slots, M. 2 high-speed hard disk interface

Support Xeon V3N4 CPU, On board AST2400 Video card

With memory quality control lamp!

Product Of Ingenuity, Rest Assured Quality

#1 8-channel DDR4

Design dual 8- channel and 8 slots DDR4, support 256GB memory capacity quantity.

#2 M.2 high-speed hard disk port

M.2 supports 32GB/ s data transmission speed, stable and fast.

#3 Memory quality

inspection lamp

On-board double-digit digital indicator light to help players accurately judge the working state of memory.

#4 Digital power supply

Under high load and long time operation, it can still run stably at high speed.

#5 SATA 3.0 interface

Fast boot does not wait, strong compatibility, SATA 2.0 upgrade version, SATA 2.0 upgrade version,

#6 On board AST2400 Video card

For special applications the trouble of external display cards.

8-channel DDR4 slot Support 256g memory

The design of 8-way 8-slot DDR4 improves the memory bandwidth by twice,

and gets rid of the problem of computer jamming due to insufficient memory.

Luxury materials for 12 layer PCB

It is more durable and more reliable.

Full speed M.2 interface

PCI-E NVME X4 3.0 full speed, power on without waiting!

Support Dual Xeon V3V4

Two CPUs run at the same time, enjoy more smooth speed,

Support Xeon V3 /V4 series CPU,

carry DDR4 high-speed memory,

enjoy a variety of large scale work/game open

Design digital power supply

When the Xeon E5 CPU is in dual operation,

it can give full play to the high performance of the processor,

and then greatly reduce the temperature of the power area and prolong the service life.

#The CPU power supply master chip adopts the vr13 isl69138 digital power supply

master control scheme developed by American INTERSIL and the demos chip of

Intersil isl99227 digital driver + MOS is used to realize the server level power design level.

#Compared with the traditional plug-in core winding inductor strong

IRMS (effective current) of 35 amps, the integrated closed inductor to strong IRMS (effective current)

can be as high as 61 amps, nearly twice the gap. Compared with the old plug-in core winding inductor,

the integrated closed inductor can provide higher reliability and higher current tolerance.


  • Quality Certification: ce
  • Chipset: Intel X99
  • Socket Type: LGA 2011-3
  • Storage Interface Type: SATA
  • Onboard LAN: 1x RJ45
  • Application: Desktop
  • With CPU: No
  • Maximum Ram Capacity: 256GB
  • Chipset Manufacturer: Intel
  • Back I/O Ports: COM
  • Support Memory Type: DDR4
  • Usage Scenario: Gaming
  • Usage Scenario: Audio & Video
  • Usage Scenario: Household
  • Usage Scenario: Office
  • Usage Scenario: Design
  • Usage Scenario: Video Production
  • Usage Scenario: Industrial Computer
  • Usage Scenario: Workstation
  • Usage Scenario: Server
  • Usage Scenario: Scientific Computing
  • Usage Scenario: 3-D Modeling
  • Usage Scenario: Video Rendering
  • Usage Scenario: MaxCompute
  • Number of PCI: 4
  • PCI – E standards: PCI – E 3.0
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Number of PCIe x 16: 1
  • Number Of Memory Slots: 8
  • Memory channel: Four
  • Number of SATA Ports: 10
  • Form Factor: CeB
  • Support USB Type: USB 2.0
  • Support USB Type: USB 3.0
  • Number of PCIe x 1: 3
  • CPU Socket: LGA 2011-3 / lga2011-3 V3 V4 all Series
  • CPU set: supoort kit xeon E5 2620 V3 2630 2630L V3 2640 V3 2678 V3 2680 V3
  • CPU set 1: supoort E5 2680 V4 2690 V3 …
  • Processor: 2*Intel LGA 2011-3 V3N4 series CPU
  • Chipset: Intel X99 Chipset
  • Memory: 8* DDR4 ECC RAM 1600/1866/21 33MHz Slots, up to 128GB
  • Storage: 10*SATA3.0
  • Expansion Slots: 1*PCIE 16X 3.0 Slots, 3*PCIE 1X 2.0 Slots
  • M.2: 1*NVME_ M.2 PCIE
  • Ethernet: 2*Realtek RTL8111H Gigabit LAN
  • Sound card: 1*Realtek ALC662 Audio Chipset
  • USB: 6*USB3.0 4*USB2.0
  • I/O: 1*VGA 1*RJ45USB 1*AUDIO (5.1 Sound Channel) 2*USB2.0 4*USB 3.0
  • Power Supply: ATX 24PIN ATX 2*8PIN
  • Size: 300MM*304MM