2 inch OLED DIY Music Spectrum Module Level Indicator VU Meter 256 Algorithm


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Support 8 kinds of display effects (switch by button)
Supply voltage: 5V
Audio input: <2V
Spectrum range: full audio range (20Hz~20KHz)


1. No audio input can automatically switch to perpetual calendar, display time function
2. Power off save function, do not need to set each time
3. The spectrum uses a 256-point algorithm for a more detailed display.
4. Support system parameter adjustment (hold down the left button and press the right button to enter the menu)


Since the shooting frequency of the mobile phone is similar to the refresh rate of the OLED, the video is flickering, and the actual human eye is not blinking.
OLED screen advantages.
Low power consumption and high brightness.
Active light, visible in the sun.
Compared with ordinary LCD screens, OLEDs respond faster.
High and low temperature resistance, more suitable for the car.
OLED is more resistant to vibration than VFD (vacuum screen).


1xOLED  Music Spectrum Display Module +Audio wires




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