40A 120A 18650 Lithium Battery Balance Holder 4S Battery Management System Power Bank Circuit Box


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This battery is composed of 4, 8 or 16 batteries in series.
These 16 batteries are respectively on the two sides of the circuit board, which can reduce the volume, effectively utilize the area of the circuit board, improve the cost performance and reduce the cost.
Take 3000 mA per battery as an example, a 4s1p circuit board is full of 15v 3Ah, 4s2p is 15v6Ah, 4s4p is 15v12Ah, and you can stack any number of battery boxes according to your actual needs.
The protection plate has the functions of charging and discharging protection, discharging current protection, temperature protection, voltage balance and balance impulse.
Each circuit board has a 15A insurance, if the battery problem, will not affect other batteries.

Solder Free
It does not need any solder when it is assembled and used.

Matters needing attention

It is better to place the order together with the protection plate to avoid over-charging and over-discharging and unbalanced voltage in the process of use.
It is better to choose our dedicated charger. If there are other chargers, we need to choose DC connector.
The charger needs to choose a 16.8V charger. It is recommended that the charging current of each layer shall not exceed 1A.

Product parameters

Rated voltage 15 discharge 11.6V full 16.8V.
Current is determined by battery performance



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4S 1P Box, 4S 2P Single Box, 4S 2P Two Side Box, 4S 30A Long BMS, 4S 30A Short BMS, 4S 4P Two Side Box, 4S 60A BMS, 4S 90A BMS

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Power bank case 18650 holder 4S bms