Nautilus Theme 123 Keys PBT keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard


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Note: This is a Keycap, Not a Keyboard.

Product Name: Two-color keycap-Nautilus color
Material: PBT
Height: OEM
Keys: 123 keys
Light transmission: opaque
Packing: boxed + anti-counterfeiting mark
Compatible: 61/64/68/84/87/96/98/108 and other key positions keyboard, satellite axis standard 6.25 (cross distance is 10cm) or standard balance bar structure (Dalyou, Razer, HP, etc. balance bar can not use)
Support cherry 3000/3494, 3800/3850 supplement.
There is no volume addition key for 108 keys

Note: 3 of the 4 keys in the upper right corner of the 108 key positions are replaced with R4 height PGDN, END, DEL, if you mind, please do not buy! ! !

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